3dafrica Communications

3d africa communications

Who we are


Ÿ    To act as a source of knowledge, skills and expertise.

Ÿ    To promote skills-based decision-making.

Ÿ    To promote the utilization of indigenous talent.

Ÿ    To ensure internal and external customer satisfaction

Three  Dimension Africa Communications Ltd. (3D Africa Communications) is a Research, Management, Media, Information, Education and Communication consultancy firm that is registered in Kenya as a limited liability Company. The firm is also registered and listed  by the  Public Relations Society of Kenya as a Public Relations and Communications Services Provider and YAGPO being a youth owned and managed company.

We  emphasize  strong relationships with  clients so  that we  complement, rather than duplicate their  capabilities. We believe that public relations and  communication programmes should begin at  decision-making stages and  should deliver  measurable results that drive the businesses of our clients’ forward.

In all  our  work,  we  use  best practice planning tools  to  design and  implement communication and professional PR programmes that deliver, whether the client’s goal is to  create demand for  services, influence attitudes and  behaviors, enhance  reputation, engage  stakeholders, inform or influence decision making or advocate for  changes at different levels.

We achieve this through a disciplined focus  on outcomes delivered through a platform of knowledge, insight and  best practice planning methodologies executed through innovative application of a range of communication tools including media relations/media leveraging, strategic issue advertising, special events management, targeted publications, stakeholder communication, policy advocacy, corporate reputation leveraging and corporate social investments