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Whether it  is  a  national campaign to  launch a  new  product or  service,   raise  public awareness on a social issue,  support a national conference or a national visibility assignment, we  have  the  experience and  contacts to  plan  and  execute media relations programmes that deliver results.

As one of our cross cutting approaches, our media relations work follow a simple rule: find the news in a client’s story and work with imagination, creativity and resourcefulness to tell the  story to the  appropriate media – and the  targeted public. We look for angles that turn our clients’ goals into newsworthy events that the media will find compelling to cover. The value of this approach is readily apparent in the quality and consistency of the coverage we generate for our clients. We also apply media leveraging techniques using the most current thinking in this area.

We succeed at our media relations work because we never  forget that we are advocates—for our clients and the media. We think through each aspect of the process and develop win-win  strategies and  tactics that will motivate journalists to do their  jobs effectively. And most importantly, professionalize the  way that our clients relate with the media.

Direct  contact,  well-researched background articles, news  conferences, tip  sheets and editorial briefings are some of the  techniques that we use. Because of our experience in working with professionals in sectoral areas such as health, water and  sanitation, governance, investor relations, utilities,  and social-economic development, we are particularly skilled in providing the creative insight needed to implement media relations programmes sensitive to the  intricacies governing the  communication of information on professional and  technical areas.  We  treat media relations as  an  ongoing process and maintain professional contact with editors of the  main media houses who know  that we will never waste their valuable time with information that is not news. They know that the news we send  them or stories we work with their reporters to develop are worthwhile and will be of interest to their readers. This partnership perspective has direct, positive and long-term  positive results for  our  clients –  and  the   targeted  public. We  also  provide practical media coaching of executives and spokes people to prepare them for interviews and live appearances with media representatives.