3dafrica Communications

3d africa communications


Policy Development and Strategic Communication Planning


Sound policy/strategy is the  foundation of every successful public relations and communication programme. We  build  that foundation by developing a clear understanding  of  our  client goals,   carefully assessing  the   audiences  to  be   reached, messages and  issues  to be communicated and  the  most effective channels and  contexts for reaching those audiences.

We work with clients to analyze the  issues  and develop public relations and communication programmes that deliver, whether the client goal is to influence attitudes and  behaviour, create demand for  services, enhance  reputation, engage stakeholders, inform or influence decision making or advocate for changes at different levels.

We are known for strategically integrating communication into the  wider programme or organizational goals and are experienced at working with professionals in technical areas to help  them exploit the  opportunities offered by communication. The Communication Strategies we design use  a variety  of methodologies from  social marketing, behavioural sciences,  advertising and   other communication  processes to  which understand the targeted audiences and motivate them to adopt the desired behaviours/actions.